Lungoimagli Residence
B&B and apartments - Bienno (BS) Our apartments The residence “Lungo i Magli” in Bienno, enchanting medieval village located in Valle Camonica and placed in a rich historical and cultural context, is composed of fancy rooms and apartments in an ancient house, recently carefully renovated. Renovation is the result of a careful recovery by the owners whom, with great attention to details and total respect of the old materials (such as the beautiful red larch planks, the colorful grits floor and the fancy and delicate floral frescoes), were able to give back to life an old house of the beginning of the 20th century. Here, the rhythms of the past mark your days; some places cannot be described, some emotions must be shared...

Appartemento dell'Uva

Appartamento delle Graniglie


La soffitta

Appartamento della Magnolia

Designed by:

Fabio Demarco