Lungoimagli Residence
B&B and apartments - Bienno (BS) Camonica valley
Camonica Valley is the valley of the river Oglio that runs it entirely from Ponte di Legno to the Iseo Lake.
The main centers of the Valley are Darfo Boario Terme, Breno, Edolo and Ponte di Legno. Darfo Boario Terme is the most populated city of the valley, while Breno is morally considered the “capital city”. Mountains surrounding the valley include various tops over the 3000 metres above the sea level; among these are reported at east all the group of Adamello (3539m) and at north the tops that separate it to the Valfurva, among these there is the “Punta San Matteo” (3678 m). Thanks to these, the high Val Camonica (particularly Ponte di Legno) is an important touristic area, also gifted of many ski resorts. Outside the high valley, there are other important touristic centers, such as Monte Campione (for winter sports), Boario Terme (spa resort), Capo di Ponte (where there are most of the rock carvings), Schilpario (located in Val di Scalve) and Aprica (at the border with the province of Sondrio).

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